Abaqus (V 6.10, 6.11) installation on Ubuntu (10.04 and 11.04)

I installing Abaqus (both versions 6.10 and 6.11) on Ubuntu (versions 10.04 and 11.04)

This was not a trivial task. Here are the links which helped me do this :

Abaqus 6.10 on Ubuntu 10.04

Details on installing Abaqus 6.8 on Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid-Lynx) can be found here :

Using the same details, I was able to install Abaqus 6.10 on Ubuntu 10.04.

On installing, the files are in .exe format. The above link, gives details on how to start the CAE (GUI modeling) part of Abaqus.

Abaqus 6.10 on Ubuntu 11.04

I was able to install Abaqus on Ubuntu 11.04 following the same guidelines as the above one. But this link, http://oswald-lab.wikispaces.asu.edu/Installing+ABAQUS gives details specific to Ubuntu 11.04. Following these instructions, I was able to install Abaqus 6.10 on Ubuntu 11.04.

Other files you might need…

I was not able to get termcap from the Ubuntu repos. I got it from here : http://geco.phys.columbia.edu/~rubab/iraf/iraf_step_by_step_installation_64bit

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