Programming – Regexp links

Info – Regex Tutorial, Examples and Reference – Regexp Patterns


RegEx in Autoit

Regular Expression Library the Internet’s first Regular Expression Library

BOOST Regex  : …one of the most highly regarded and expertly designed C++ library projects in the world.Herb Sutter and Andrei Alexandrescu, C++ Coding Standards

Regex for Windows (!! at last GNU they managed to port it !! :P)


The 30 Minute Regex Tutorial By Jim Hollenhorst | 21 Nov 2005 @ Codeproject

PYTHON – Regular Expression HOWTO

PHP Manual Page – Regular Expressions

IBM : Know your regular expressions


Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet (V2)

Online tools

Regular Expression Analyzer

Regex Tester – RegexPal

Cool snippets

A regular expression to check for prime numbers : /^1?$|^(11+?)1+$/ in Perl to check if a number is prime or not


Oreilly – Mastering Regular Expressions


WordPress Regexp plugin

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