Solution : “Error: Problem during compilation – ifort not found in PATH.” on Abaqus and Intel Visual Fortran on UBUNTU Linux

I got this error
Error: Problem during compilation – ifort not found in PATH

on Ubuntu (using Intel Visual Fortran compiler and Abaqus 6.11). I was trying to use it with the SIGINI subroutine

I was trying to get the solutions online. I found that this simple hack works. Instead of calling

abaqus job=inpFileName


export PATH=$PATH:/opt/intel/composer_xe_ 2011_sp1 .9.293/bin/intel64; abaqus job=inpFileName

This trick was required when I was invoking Abaqus from my Mathematica code (and the problem did not seem to subside even when I added the IFort’s path to my PATH variable)

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