TiddlyWiki – useful tips – archiving/compressing the backups

In case you are new to this word TiddlyWiki, in short, it is a

Here is an introductory post about TiddlyWiki. And here is a sample of getting organized – a (long but) one-liner to include your Google Calendar in your TiddlyWiki (or in any other HTML page you wish)

I find myself using TiddlyWiki a lot these days. I have the Autosave and SaveBackups options enabled (since I use a desktop which is not on a backup power). Now that my TiddlyWiki has grown to about 1.3MB (!), and the backups are not incremental (by default) (I have not got time to explore the plugins that can do incremental backup of TiddlyWiki), each of my backup is about 1.3 MB. I edit my TiddlyWiki 20 times a day, on an average, which amounts to about 20 * 1.3 = 26Mb a day.

I did not want to trash these backups. I was trying out the various compressions including zip, .ar, .tar, gz, tar.gz and .7z on this.(I am on Ubuntu 11.04 and these come preloaded).

To my amusement I found that the .7z (7-Zip compression) (which is publicly available under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License !), gives an amazing compression ratio of about 1000 (THOUSAND! . i.e ) (as can be seen in the following output from the archive manage’s Archive > Test Integrity). In this case, the original size was about 108MB and the compressed size if about 314.9KB!. So I just archive them in 7Z format and dispose the trash files!

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