Tool for Organizing Notes – FreeMind

Was searching for a tool to “ORGANIZE” my cluttered notes.  I was using a “tabbed” hierarchy on simple txt files to organize my notes. But it so happened that the files multiplied and kept on multiplying. Now I have a lot of files scratch_* where * is misc, research, desktop_lab, desktop_room, online , links, lecture notes, for, …

In my search for an efficient anough organizer, I stumbled upon a free-open source tool called FreeMind. This helps organise the notes into a tree-like structure, which has helped me to collapse all the scratch_* to a single file 🙂 .. It is a great tool as such and I am looking forward to it getting better.

I always had plans to put my notes online, so that I can access it from anywhere and also anyone else interested in it can access it. I came across a Javascript plug-in which allows one to display the FreeMind tool online as a Javascript file.. and one Important thing is that it is written in Java and hence compatible with all OSes ( anything which can run the JVM ). So it also ensures that ur notes can be accessed across different platforms

A great find for me .. 🙂

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